sugilite in matrix pendant

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This special little sugilite pendant is set in sterling silver.  The stone has an incredible streak of purple and PINK through a banded matrix of hematite and manganese.

Sugilite is a rare cyclosilicate mineral found mostly in the Wessels mine in the Kalahari Manganese fields of South Africa.  It exhibits a deep purple to pink colour with lots of black from the presence of Manganese and in some cases blue and red.  It was first discovered in 1944 by Ken-Ichi Sugi and was named after him.  Sugilite has become increasingly difficult to source due to the one place that produces it.


Sugilite is thought to protect and uplift.  It is balancing to the mind and emotions and helps one to stay centered in the heart. The presence of lithium gives it the beautiful electric purple color.  It is wonderful for empaths and sensitive souls as it allows one to remain open while keeping out overwhelming unwanted energies.  It contains a very high frequency associated with the violet flame of St. Germain and archangel Michael.