Herkimer diamonds

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These small and flawless Herkimer diamonds weigh approximately 1gram each. They come from the Ace of diamonds mine in Herkimer New York.

Herkimer diamonds are very clear double terminated quartz that are only found in the area of Herkimer New York. They were first discovered by a general Herkimer and his men and thought to be diamonds because they came out of the ground perfectly clear and sparkly! They were found to in fact be quartz but to this day collecting these crystals at a few of the public sites in upstate New York is a wonderful excursion that will not disappoint! 

 Herkimer diamonds are thought to concentrate and accelerate energy.  As they are quartz (Si02) they can be programmed with intention.  They are a particularly high frequency quartz and are wonderful for grids or for amplifying other stones or energy very clearly.