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This crystal bag contains 4 pieces of Lemurian quartz points and 1 Rose Quartz heart. Great for grid work!

Lemurian Quartz crystals are a specific variety of quartz crystals that are found primarily in Minas Gerais Brazil.  They are characterized by the distinctive lines on alternating sides of the crystals and an unusual clarity and perfection.  They often have a pink, red, yellow or orange hue due to iron oxide deposits on the outside of the crystals.  Secondary sources of Lemurian Quartz include Arkansas, Russia, Peru, Columbia and British Columbia.  

When Lemurian Quartz was first found in Brazil it was said by the new age collectors that these crystals has been found lying on the surface and had been left for us to find by the ancient civilization of Lemuria. They are in fact mined although some may have been found on the surface initially.  Due to astonishing perfection of these crystals it is understandable that someone might think they had been manufactured.  They are so perfect sometimes they appear to be cut from glass.  They are in fact forged in the heat of the earth just like all other quartz crystals.

Quartz amplifies all thought forms and beliefs through its piezoelectric  energy, so the belief that these crystals were manufactured by an ancient civilization is retained within the stones.  They seem to have an intelligence of their own and are thought to awaken dormant keys or seeds within each person, hence the name “lemurian seed crystal”  They seem to move us towards a heart centered consciousness and away from the busy intellectual mind. It is thought that the civilization of Lemuria was emotionally intelligent and associated with the element of water unlike Atlantis, which was analytically intelligent and associated with the element of fire.  Both are said to have destroyed themselves because of their imbalances. There is a theory that the purpose of the Lemurian crystals is to remind us that we have emotional intelligence and that the electro magnetic field of the heart is in fact stronger than that of the mind. Perhaps the attraction to these beautiful crystals has something to do with the society we live in in the western world where the threat of destroying ourselves in eminent unless we find a new paradigm to live by. 

Rose quartz is found on almost every continent in the world and generally forms on mass without any crystal formations.  It is the presence of titanium and iron that give this quartz its pink hue.  The presence of rutile in some rose quartz can create an asterism when the stone is polished.  Very rare crystals of rose quartz are found in Minas Gerais Brazil. 
Rose quartz is thought to be the stone of love and emotional healing.  It encourages self love and is a very sweet and gentle reminder of the unconditional love available to all.  It is wonderful to soothe grief and heartache and has been said to bring love into ones life.

Does not include gold grid.