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Mineral Collection

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  • 33gm Ajoite cluster from Messina Africa
    Ajoite cluster
    This rare genuine ajoite cluster comes from Messina Africa and weighs 33gm and measures 2in x .5in x 1in Ajoite  and Papagoite are  very rare inclusions in quartz and are named after the type locality, the...

  • Ajoite thumbnail from Messina Africa
    Ajoite thumbnail crystal
    This tiny little thumbnail has a perfect phantom and weighs .4gm. origin: Messina Africa Ajoite is very rare inclusions in quartz and are named after, the New Cornelia Mine in the Ajo District of Pima...

  • Peruvian Blue Opal Skull
    Amazonite Skull
    Laser carved skull made of blue Peruvian Opal

  • Amber, Chipas Mexico, 20gm
    Amber 2
    Genuine Amber from Chiapas Mexico. 20gms

  • A grade Amber from Chiapas Mexico, 10gms
    Amber from Chiapas
    Polished A grade amber from Chiapas Mexico

  • Ametrine sphere from Bolivia
    Ametrine sphere 2
    This little sphere is cut perfectly from a single ametrine crystal and displays alternating chevrons of amethyst and citrine.  Origin: Bolivia

  • Ametrine Sphere 3
    Ametrine Sphere 3
    Precious little sphere cut from a single Bolivian ametrine crystal

  • Ammonite pair Origin: Madagascar
    Ammonite Pair
    Authentic ammonite fossil from Madagascar that has been sliced perfectly into a pair revealing each chamber inside the shell encased in either quartz geodes or petrified mud.

  • Aqua Aura Arkansas Quartz 10.5gms
    Aqua Aura Arkansas Quartz
    This perfect little crystal came from Arkansas and exhibits a Lemurian habit.  It has been treated in the USA with gold to become an Aqua Aura quartz and weighs 10.5gms

  • Etched Aquamarine, Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Aquamarine crystal
    Etched Aquamarine from Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Cactus/Spirit Quartz
    Cactus/Spirit Quartz
    Two perfect cactus/sprit quartz crystals from Gauteng South Africa.  This specimen weighs 58gms

  • Cactus/Spirit Quartz cluster
    Cactus/Spirit Quartz cluster
    This is a cluster of Cactus or Spirit Quartz from South Africa.  it has 15 terminations on it and weighs 265 grams

  • Calcite on Matrix from Dayei Hubei China
    Calcite on matrix
    Stunning dog tooth calcite on matrix from Dayei Hubei China  

  • Celestite cluster from Madagascar
    Celestite Cluster
    This sweet little celestite cluster is from Madagacar. It weighs 222gms and is 3 inches across by 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches high

  • Celestite Egg from Madagascar
    Celestite Egg
    A sweet little celestite egg from Madagascar

  • Cobalto Calcite from Morocco
    Cobalto Calcite
    Cobalto Calcite from Morocco. Natural colour!

  • Cobaltoan Calcite specimen from Zaire. It weighs 156gms and measures 3in x 1in x 2.25in
    Cobaltoan Calcite
    Beautiful soft pink Cobaltoan Calcite specimen from Zaire. It weighs 156gms and measures 3in x 1in x 2.25in

  • Solid copper sphere
    Copper Sphere
    Forged entirely from copper with a thing laquer dip.  Origin: USA

  • Dioptase, Tsumeb Namibia
    Dioptase from Tsumeb Namibia. 5.1gms 

  • Dioptase Tsumeb Namibia
    Dioptase 2
    Dioptase, Tsumeb Namibia, 7.9 gms

  • Dumortierite included quartz from Brazil. 4.8gm
    Dumortierite included Quartz
    This rare and beautiful quartz crystal included with dumortierite comes from Brazil and weighs 4.8gm

  • Fibrous sugilite from the N'Chwaning mine in South Africa. 0.4gm
    Fibrous sugilite 2
    Fibrous sugilite from the N'Chwaning mine in South Africa 0.4gms .35in X .25in X .1in

  • Genuine Indonesian Amber skull
    Genuine Amber skull
    This little skull is made out of genuine indonesian amber that has not been reconstituted in any way.  It fluoresces blue under a black light. It weighs 3.1gm and measures .7in x .7in x .75in

  • Hedenbergite included quartz from Inner Mongolia. 6.9gm
    Hedenbergite included quartz
    This incredible little hedenbergite included quartz cluster was found in Inner Mongolia in 2016.  The forest green colour comes from the hedenbergite and each side of the crystals exhibit a micro druzy shimmer!  It...

  • blue hemimorphite specimen comes from Yunnan Province China. It weighs 148gm and measures 2.75in x 1.4in x 2in
    This stunning blue hemimorphite specimen comes from Yunnan Province China. It weighs 148gm and measures 2.75in x 1.4in x 2in

  • Genuine Herkimer Diamonds from New York State
    Herkimer Diamonds
    These genuine Herkimer Diamonds come from Herkimer, NY.  They are perfectly clear and double terminated quartz crystals that have been given the name diamonds because of thier unusual brightness and perfect formations...

  • Japan Law twin quartz crystal from British Columbia Canada
1.6gm  .6in x .5in x .2in
    Japan Law twin crystal from British Columbia Canada
    This very special little crystal was found near Harrison Lake British Columbia just outside of Vancouver in Canada.  It is a Japan law Quartz crystal and is a very rare thing to have been found in that location!

  • Polished Kunzite
    This is a gemmy polished kunzite with a rich purple saturation at the end of the crystal. It weighs 10 gms

  • 89.3gm Labradorite Pebble from Madagascar
    Labradorite Pebble
    This very shiny labradorite pebble has almost a full spectrum at different angles and predominately displays yellow and green!  It is from Madagascar and weighs 89.3gms and measures 1in x 3.25in x .75in It is said that...

  • 125 gm Labradorite pebble from Madagascar
    Labradorite Pebble 2
    This round labradorite pebble displays primarily blue, yellow, orange and purple flash. It comes from Madagascar and weigs 125gms and measures 2in x 2.4in x .75in   It is said that the first nation peoples of Labrador...

  • 131gm labradorite pebble with purple flash
    labradorite pebble 4
    This Labradorite pebble has a purple flash and weighs 131gms Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar that was originally found in Labrador Canada. The majority of material available on the market is sourced in Madagascar. The...

  • 153gm polished labradorite pebble with full spectrum colour
    labradorite pebble 6
    This beautiful polished labradorite palm stone weighs 153gms and has a full spectrum of colour! Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar that was originally found in Labrador Canada. The majority of material available on the...

  • polished labradorite
    Labradorite Pebbles
    Shiny full spectrum labradorite pebbles from Madagascar. $10 each. 2 x 1.5 x ...

  • Rare AAA grade larimar lingham
    Larimar Lingham
    This exceptional AAA grade larimar had been carefully carved into a lingham shape. It weighs 31gm and is 1.75in x 1in x 1in Larimar is a pectolite that is found only in the Barahona Province of the Dominican Republic. ...

  • Natural Pink Lemurian Quartz from Brazil
    Lemurian Crystal
    A perfect pink Lemurian crystal with a rainbow inside, record keepers and a window. Origin: Brazil

  • Libyan Gold tektite
    Libyan Gold Tektite 2
    Libyan Gold tektite or Libyan desert glass is a similar tektite to Moldavite, yet it is only found in Libya and Egypt. It was worn by Kind Tut and cherished by the ancient egyptians

  • Botroydial Druzy Malachite and Chrysocolla from the Congo.
    Malachite and Chrysocolla
    This stunning little specimen of Malachite and Chrysocolla comes from the Congo, Africa and weighs 29.3gm and measures 1.5in x 1.3in x 1in

  • 3.7gm Moldavite
    3.7 gram Moldavite Origin: Czech Republic

  • raw moldavite specimen
    Moldavite 2
    Moldavite!  The cherished gemmy tektite that is found only in the Czech Republic.  Sought after by mineral collectors, jewellers and those interested in the metaphysics of gems and crystals alike!  This small...

  • Papgoite cluster
    Papgoite cluster
    Very rare papagoite cluster from Mussina Africa!  Small copper inclusion create the indigo phantoms inside the quartz crystals

  • Phenacite crystal, Brazil
    Phenacite crystal, Brazil

  • Phenacite from Minas Gerais Brazil
    Phenacite crystal
    A perfect little phenacite terminated crystal from Sao Miguel de Piracicaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Peruvian pyrite sphere
    Pyrite Sphere
    This sphere is polished entirely out of Peruvian pyrite. 1...

  • Quartz crystal with hedenbergite inclusions from Inner Mongolia
    Quartz cluster with hedenbergite
    An stunning circular fan of quartz crystals from Inner Mongolia with hedenbergite inclusions

  • Inner Mongolia quartz crystal with hedenbergite inclusions and calcite crystals
    Quartz crystal with Hedenbergite and calcite
    Triple point quartz crystal with hedenbergite inclusions and calcite crystals. origin: Inner Mongolia

  • Rhodochrosite, Argentina
    Rhodochrosite sphere
    Bright pink rhodochrosite sphere from Argentina

  • Fluorescent Rogerly Fluorite from England
    Rogerly Fluorite
    This beautiful fluorite cluster comes from the Rogerly Mine in Frosterly England.  It is highly fluorescent and also colour changes between synthetic light and daylight.  It weighs 180 grams and is 3.25 inches...

  • Rose quartz heart
    Rose Quartz Heart
    A palm sized rose quartz heart from Madagascar

  • Rose Quartz Heart
215gm  2.75in x 2.75in x 1in
    Rose Quartz Heart 2
    This rose quartz heart weighs 215 grams and in 2.75in x 2.75in x 1in Rose quartz is found on almost every continent in the world and generally forms on mass without any crystal formations.  It is the presence of...

  • Rose Quartz hearts $10 each
    Rose quartz hearts
    Gemmy Rose quartz hearts from Madagascar


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