Labradorite (pastel pink and purple)

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This beautiful pastel labradorite palm stone is from Madagascar and was apparently found in one deposit between the labradorite and the spectrolite.  It has a paler grey to the stone and the colours are all pastels with incredible pinks and purples! We like to call it UNICORN LABRADORITE because of its special colours.

Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar that was originally found in Labrador Canada. The majority of material available on the market is sourced in Madagascar.  Spectrolite is a similar stone found mostly in Finland.  The stone exhibits stunning schiller of colour created by the “labradoressence” effect.  Blue is the most common of visible schillers but every colour in the spectrum can be displayed.  Labradorite is usually polished to show off the amazing colours.  

It is said that the first nations peoples of Labrador and Newfoundland thought Labradorite to be the Aurora Borealis (or northern lights) trapped in ice.  This stone is certainly known to stimulate ones imagination and intuition.  Its magical flash of light inspires and stimulates the third eye opening us to a bird’s eye view. Because of this, it is wonderful for times of transformation as it can remind us of the order in the chaos.  It is also said to be protective of ones energy field.